Andrea.LARGERAndrea Adler has been referred to as the “Metaphysical Marketer.” She is the founder of Holistic PR, an international speaker, workshop presenter and consultant. Andrea Adler’s unique approach to marketing integrates spiritual practice and psychological self-inquiry into a domain not usually associated with spirit: marketing. She believes, if we cultivate the deep sense of integrity and wholeness that accompanies spiritual development, we will be far more convincing in our efforts to interest others in our work.

Adler pioneered Holistic Marketing and has authored three non-fiction books: PR for The Holistic Healer, Creating an Abundant Practice, The Science of Spiritual Marketing: Initiation into Magnetism, and has written over 50 articles translated in five languages. For over 30 years, Andrea has supported small business owners, authors, cultural creatives, and entrepreneurs to discover, message and market their products and services.