Bill Elliott  Through his spiritual growth, Bill realized there a very large void that exists in the communication with our higher self and creator. It is not about religion; it is about the one on one connection with a higher all-knowing intelligence for guidance, direction and purpose in life.

Growing up Bill attended church regularly and an active member at a young age. Through the years, Bill became a youth leader, usher, Deacon and Lay reader. These positions gave Bill good insight into the workings of the church and the dogma of formal religion. Even after all of this involvement and study of scripture it felt as though something was missing. After many years of searching, reading and studying it finally dawned on Bill that the missing link was the personal connection with his higher self. He always had a relationship with God, but when he made a personal connection to God through his higher self, it was like going from a modem connection on a computer to high-speed Internet. What a difference it made!

Bill found a very rewarding gem with his connection to his higher self and creator. Armed with this knowledge and understanding, Bill teaches people how to make this very powerful and rewarding connection in their lives and to show them that they are where they are supposed to be at this very moment.

Bill is the co-host of the Awakening Show on Star Nations Radio Network on the last Monday of each month at 8 p.m. EST. He is also contributing writer for the Star Nations Magazine.

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