Brenda Edwards is a spiritual messenger, entrepreneur, teacher, and visionary. She has always had a curiosity about the unseen world since her first Near Death Experience at age 16. Brenda has worked with many people by giving them hope and support while assisting them when they are at a crossroad looking for direction. Together they explore what’s possible when one can believe.

Brenda is co-owner of Quantum Life Management Center in East Longmeadow, MA. The wellness center is where she combines her gifts of channeling, Life Coaching, healing, and teaching, to best assist one on their path. Because of her unique way to make people feel comfortable and safe, Brenda was given the endearing name of “The Heart Whisperer”. Everything Brenda does comes through the wisdom of the heart.

Brenda assists many with her spiritual life coaching program that hand carves an individualized path for each of her clients. She helps them to use tools, find the language they are comfortable with to reach their goals, and she facilitates an inner path of self-discovery. Brenda’s assistance helps her clients to gain a better understanding of
their souls journey.

Brenda’s specialty is healing the heart and removing the blockages that keep one away from living their purpose. She loves it when people come to her and state, “you are my last hope”. Brenda knows their soul is ready to enter into a life-changing partnership, and that they are ready to do the work.

She also leads spiritual journeys all over the world, specializing in creating transformational experiences in sacred sites, for personal development, and just plain fun!

When Brenda is not working, she is enjoying spending time with her beloved, Gerard, her family, and their dog, Ben. She also has a passion for Zumba and is an instructor. Being a Zumba instructor reminds her that when we are dancing, and listening to music, all barriers of separation fall away, and we are all one through the eyes of the Soul!

Brenda is the radio host of The Pulse of the Universe, on Star Nations Radio Network, the 3rd Monday of each month at 8 p.m. EST.

To contact Brenda:
Quantum Life Management Center