Carl FranklinCarl Franklin has been an Ordained Minister for over 40 years, the first 13 as a Lutheran Minister and the remainder as a Coptic Minister.
He holds degrees in Business, Theology and Counseling; is a sensitive and skilled Counselor; the author of the highly acclaimed “Alpha Breakthrough Series” of self help CD’s; a metaphysical researcher; international presenter/workshop leader and hosts two internet radio shows which focus on Ascension.

Practicing meditation and self hypnosis has allowed him to communicate with higher aspects of himself and the spirit realm. In his Life Script readings, he is able to tap into the Akashic record, which holds ones’ life plan.

His purpose is to inform, empower and inspire individuals with their Ascension process which in return assists in planetary Ascension. Carl is the host of The Spirit Realm and Ascension radio show on Star Nations Radio Network the second Thursday of each month at 9 p.m. EST.