ChristiPentecostChristi Pentecost, an educator at heart, Christi lives her life full of passion and enthusiasm for entrepreneurs. Growing up in a middle class family in Michigan, Christi was never introduced to business. Her entire family worked in one of these four areas: GM Employee, St of Michigan Employee, Police Officer or Teacher. Christi followed the family plan and became a Middle School Math and Science Teacher in 1992. It wasn’t until the mid 1990’s that Christi discovered her entrepreneurial spirit.

Christi owned and operated one of only a few female owned Mortgage Brokerages in the State of Michigan, along with co-owning a construction company. Christi’s interest and experience in real estate lead her to owning a resort in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Christi’s business coaching has evolved over the past 8 years. Christi recently opened, with her business partner Linda Ludwig, a new coaching business, ZattaChat. ZattaChat is a business training company focused on enhancing and working with the business community. Our trainers work directly with small businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and students.  The trainings are different. ZattaChat trainings are fun, energizing, fast-paced, focused, and intense. Unlike traditional training models where information is lectured to you, trainings are designed to allow you to personalize the material. The real solutions can be applied to your business immediately. ZattaChat offers Customized Corporate Trainings, Personalized Coaching, Boot Camp Conferences and Business Trainings.
Contact Christi at:, or 906.869.0709