EleciaCrumptonPhoto is a passionate creative visionary and visual communicator. She currently works for University Relations at UF in Gainesville, Florida, as the Senior Art Director, and is also working to launch her business, Effection. Elecia is wife to Peter, Momma to Ethan, and their dog Maverick. She is a native of Gainesville and is passionate about spirituality, sustainability, cycling, the farmer’s market, and spending time with loved ones. She is a contributing writer for the Business and Finance section of Star Nations Magazine, and will also soon contribute to the Ascension section of the magazine as well. She’ll launch MySoulSees.com this Fall, which will be a multimedia show-and-tell of her spiritual experiences since Fall of 2008, when she began to ”wake up”. She relates to what Deepak Chopra once said in a documentary his son filmed. Deepak’s son asks, ”Do you really think you can change the world?” Deepak replies, ”Me personally? No. But the world is changing, and I’m part of the transition team.” Elecia can be reached at elecia@icloud.com. Please visit Effection.com to see some of her work.