OrtrunFranklinBioPic2015Ortrun Franklin is an intuitive Spiritual coach, Meditation Practitioner and Mystery School instructor. Born during WWII in Europe, having been a refugee and displaced person, becoming a student of the Mystery Schools over 30 years ago (only to name a few of her extraordinary life experiences) has allowed her to gain much wisdom and insight.

Her meditative practices have allowed her to tap into the higher realms. She incorporates her gift of intuition, life experience and metaphysical studies to assist individuals in meeting their highest potential and recognizing the Divine beings they are. She is the owner of Key of Life -The Mystery School, co-owner of Our Spiritual Ascension with her spouse Carl, host of two internet radio shows.
Join Ortrun every 2nd Monday of the month on Wisdom and Intuition Network (WIN) and every 2nd Thursday on Star Nations Radio Network.
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