SandyBioPic2014Sandra L. Harrick, Intuitive Counselor has been working in the field of psycho/Spiritual healing for over 40 years. She is internationally known as someone who is devoted to healing with her amazing gifts of sight and insights touching 1,000’s of individuals in groups, lecturers, workshops and individual sessions.
In the 90’s Sandra founded “Soul Awakenings”, a touch stone for her unique style of personal work, healing, and spiritual development, creating workshops, class, and a worldwide private practice. Sandra’s sessions and readings bring straight talk from Spirit, insights from Soul, and compassion for your heart for she is truly aware that her path is always searching and needs to be available for whatever is next while having the honor of being a soul healer.
Moving over 50 times throughout the world Sandra’s spiritual journey is now shared with her husband Bobby at their home in NH. Together in 2003, they established Unicorn Fields, a truly magical home blessed by Bobby’s passion for rescue animals and Sandra’s work with Spirit, where all are welcome to explore, heal and have their Soul Awaken.