SNM Infinite Grace

Last Thursday at 8 p.m. EST.

Discovering Infinite Grace with Meg Annutto is an interactive monthly show devoted to listeners who are looking to explore the spiritual ideals of Infinite Grace and how you can apply these ideals to the practical parts of your life. Every month there will be a new topic of discussion where you will learn how to apply the mystical with the practical teachings that will aid in the discovery of infinite grace.

A self-described practical mystic, Meg will share with you the teachings she has found to be the most helpful along her own journey, allowing you unique perspectives and pathways to discover the possibilities that Infinite Grace can offer you.

Considering this is designed to be interactive, a segment within each radio show will provide time for Meg to answer questions, via the Blog Talk Radio chatroom, phone lines, or by e-mail:  (feel free to email questions related to the show topic prior to each show).

If time allows Meg, who is also an intuitive advisor will offer an opportunity to receive mini readings related to the topic of the show.