meg-2015-Margaret (Meg) Annutto lives in Southern New Hampshire with her family and is the owner of Infinite Grace. 

Lead by her lifelong interest and passion in complimentary alternative medicine, she became a licensed massage therapist, certified hypnotist and received many certifications in the disciplines of Energy Medicine and is a dedicated teacher of the Healing Arts.

She is a self- described practical mystic, who was taught that our personal “destiny does not happen to us, but rather happens through us”. 

Meg is forever the student, who acknowledges that our teachers come in many forms. She uses her practical education combined with her mystical gifts from Spirit, as a seer and intuitive medium, to discern the best possible pathways to support and balance her clients systems – Mind, Body and Spirit. 

She is very compassionate in her approach and has great communication skills. It is her belief that once the mind, body and spirit are in balance and strongly connected with one another, the body by design; has the greatest potential to heal itself.

Meg strongly believes that we are all spiritual beings here upon this earth, having a human experience. She will guide you on your personal path of growth, by allowing you to discover your own spiritual gifts and purpose in life. She will create pathways that will guide you through your own spiritual experience, allowing you to discover the Infinite Grace that resides within in you and your life. Her services are specifically designed to help you to effectively increase your own self-awareness, self-empowerment and self-healing. 

Meg and the gift of Infinite Grace can create a shift in your beliefs and perceptions, so that what you once thought to be “impossible” in your life, can now become very “possible”.

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