DebSwingholmBioPicColor_DivineFemine_WalkingWithTheGoddessDeb Swingholm grew up in the beautiful Oak Openings region of northwest Ohio and has recently moved back after a decade living in Thailand with her husband Greg and a sparrow named “Grace”.

Deb’s lifelong passion for art, music and spiritual discovery has ripened through years of travel and life abroad. Her journey has taken her to sacred sites and mystical places in Asia, the Middle East and Europe where she has gathered knowledge of shamanic practices, ceremonies and healing methods drawn from many cultures.

A gifted intuitive with over 25 years’ experience working in the field of personal development and transformation, Deb has served as teacher, spiritual mentor and tour leader. A photographer and writer, her work has been published internationally. Her “Walking with the Goddess” classes and tours immerse you in the beauty and wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

Ethereal, like her artwork, Deb has a unique and graceful way of guiding others in listening to their own inner wisdom and “connecting with the Goddess within”.

In honoring the Divine Feminine and women’s spiritual traditions, Deb rekindles an ancient memory. She helps to create a sacred space in one’s heart and home; a place for Goddess to reside.

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