The Sandra Harrick Show – Speaking Straight to the Soul

First Wednesday of each month, beginning with Wednesday, February 1 at 7 PM ET.

Each month Sandy fills the airwaves with humor, emotions, and healing. She uses her sense of sight and insight while exploring Spirit, Soul, and Emotions. Sandy reveals the art of being human with grace, mercy and a touch of sass. We all need a place to be real. Sandy offers a space where she talks straight to your Soul.

Bio: Reverend Sandra Harrick has over forty years’ experience as an international intuitive, empath, counselor, animal communicator, teacher, lecturer, and consultant with a focus on personal development and spiritual awareness. As CEO of Soul Awakenings (, Sandra is devoted to healing through transformational work with energy and intuition. She is an expert at clearing one’s past by awakening one’s present so there is sight into the future.

Sandra’s has co-developed facilities for interpersonal/spiritual education in California, New Mexico, Montana, New Hampshire, Switzerland, Bermuda, and Canada; where she has taught psychic development, spiritual phenomenon and psycho/spiritual/therapy.  Sandra’s spiritual gifts are dedicated to awakening your soul, healing your spirit and brightening your life. Her profound gifts of sight and insight continue with clients all over the world in private sessions and groups. She has quite simply changed lives by touching one’s Soul and transforming one’s heart.

Sandra is a proud member of the Star Nations Organization as a talk show host, co-host, columnist of Speaking Straight to the Soul, and faculty member. Listen to The Sandra Harrick Show: Speaking straight to the Soul, the first Wednesday of each month 7:00pm EST, on Star Nations Radio Network. Look for her first book being published October 2017, “Soul Sessions”.

It is a humbling honor for Sandy to be a participant in the documentary “Changing Horses”, filmed by Saffyre Sanctuary, Inc., a horse rescue and training facility in Los Angeles that is dedicated to bringing awareness of relationships between horses and the human race as a whole.

Sandra lives with her husband, Bobby Hall, who’s heart created their beautiful rescue farm, Unicorn Fields, blessed with unique loved one of hair, fur and feathers.