From Star to Stone –  “The Healing Energies of Earth and Sky” with Co-Hosts, Tracey Sivek and Mervyn Kelly

Monthly Show, 2nd Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. EST

Tracey and Mervyn work with ancient knowledge and healing. They bring the ancient knowledge to a modern world application. Many of the old ways can help us cope with modern life and help us to heal on various levels and in numerous ways. Join Mervyn and Tracey as they bring to us topics of spiritual antiquity and explore the many pathways of the Healing Energies of Earth and Sky.

About Mervyn Kelly

Mervyn Kelly lives and works on the east coast of Britain. Spiritually, he walks the Druid path and is a Reiki Master and Teacher, but continues to study other alternative and natural healing methods.

Mervyn also makes Celtic and spiritually inspired arts and crafts, and has been involved with exhibiting photography nationally.

Mervyn and Tracey are co-hosts of “From Star to Stone” on Star Nations Radio Network, the second Tuesday of the month at 9am EST.

He and Tracey have worked together previously on their book “53°12’49″N 0°20’31″E” available on It is a book of photographs taken at sunrise every Sunday for the whole of 2012, with accompanying poetry by Tracey. Each image was taken at the same spot on the east coast of England, regardless of the weather or the need to wake up very early during the summer!



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About Tracey Sivek

Tracey Sivek is an alternative therapist and healer who lives and works in Traverse City, Michigan. Her work crosses multiple disciplines; she is a Reiki Master/Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, and Paranormal Consultant. She is also a coordinator at the Alternative Healthcare Collaborative. Tracey enjoys working with psychic children and young adults, helping them to develop their gifts.

Tracey is co-host of “From Star to Stone” on Star Nations Radio Network on the second Tuesday of the month at 9am EST.

Tracey is the author of  “Zero Evidence of Life,“ book that explores the experiences of deep depression through poetry, is available now at



Facebook: Serenitys Path-Tracey Sivek or Alternative Healthcare Collaborative