Welcome to Star Nations Academy. Star Nations Academy is a place to learn ancient information and apply it to modern life. The faculty, teachers, instructors and facilitators at Star Nations Academy provide information to attendees in a way that the information can be used in daily life.

Star Nations uses the term, The Age of Illumination to describe the time in which we live. We see the roles and responsibilities of workers of the light shifting to a new perspective. We shift from learning or doing to that of Be-ing. We are beyond the gathering of how to and now reside in the embodiment of our wisdom.

How we walk our talk; how we live our lives; and how we show others to live this kind of life is a responsibility we consciously select in the Age of Illumination. This lifestyle of consciously “Being” brings richness to your life and the lives of others.

Star Nations West is located in Tomah, WI.  Star Nations East is located in Lowell, Michigan. We also offer classes and workshops via teleconference and the Internet.

You will find classes, workshops, and retreats listed here along with how to register.

Star Nations Academy East is located in Lowell, Michigan.


An Evening with Sandra Harrick & Sir Charles
Star Nations Academy West

Star Nations Academy East is located in Tomah, Wisconsin.  Find out more about the classes and workshops being offered at Star Nations Academy by clicking the button below.


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