Denise Iwaniw - $3.99


As a seer, Denise conducts counseling sessions for people from around the world.  Denise lectures and teaches in the U.S. and abroad in a variety of areas, encompassing the practices of spiritual development and balanced living.  With over twenty years of experience, Denise helps you explore your spiritual pathways and the life journey with an open heart.   As an author, a teacher of the esoteric, and a spiritual mentor, she will help bring clarity and guidance to your life issues. 

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Service Description:  Spiritual Mentoring and Guidance
Education & Experience:
Davenport University, Grand Rapids MI
Reiki Master/Teacher since 1997
Author, Teacher, Lecturer

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Sandra Harrick - $3.99


Rev. Sandra Harrick is an international intuitive, spiritual consultant, empath, medium, clairvoyant and soul healer who brings clarity in moments by seeing into your spiritual and personal realms of spirit, mind, body and soul.

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She works with your soul for clearing karmic patterns, reviews the present, releasing energy and emotions for manifesting your future. Sandra enters your many dimensions, sparking information, healing and transformation in moments. For over 4 decades Sandra has devoted her life in traveling the world honing her unique gifts working with 1,000s of individuals in sessions workshops, lectures and groups, creating changes that changes lives. Join Sandra each week on her radio show, Soul Sessions, on, where she shares her clarity of sight and insights revealing beauty for softening hearts, refreshes souls and brightens one’s life to shine.

Service Description: Spiritual Mentoring and Guidance

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Meg Annutto

Meg Annutto - $2.22


Meg is an intuitive advisor and self -described practical mystic. During a session, she connects with her client and the divine energy of the higher realms of light consciousness. As a seer, who uses her spiritual gifts of discernment, Meg is able to offer wisdom, clarity and practical advice that is most helpful to her clients. Through meaningful conversation, she is able to support her client by increasing their self-awareness and drawing their attention towards their spiritual path. It is an illuminated experience that is sure to renew one’s spirit, while also encouraging you to make the positive changes necessary to regain the balance you are seeking. It is perfect for those who are looking for ways to approach their journey through the principles of self–empowerment, self- healing and self-enlightenment.

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Meg’s wisdom and experience has taught her “our destiny does not happen to us, but rather happens through us.” This unique perspective, paired with her gifts as an intuitive, allows Meg to deliver guidance and messages to you that are compassionate, honest and practical for today’s world. Her readings have encouraged many others to see for themselves that, “what they once thought to be impossible in their life; can now become very possible.”

Service Description:

Intuitive Advisor, Spiritual Guidance, Angelic Tarot Cards, & Akashic Records
Education & Experience:

Akashic Records -Advanced Practitioner and Certified Teacher

Certified Healing Arts and Energy Medicine- Advanced Practitioner / Master Teacher

Certified Hypnotist

Licensed Massage Therapist

Monthly Show Host here on Star Nations Radio Network -“Discovering Infinite Grace”

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Julie Hedges - $2.25


Julie is a clairvoyant psychic medium, Reiki Master and experienced spiritual teacher. She connects with Angels, Animals and the realms of Spirit to provide the answers you seek. Julie brings clarity to your situation and provides loving guidance from your Spirit Team. Be empowered on your path by a reading from Julie!

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Ask Julie about her unique Soul Song Psychic Reading. She answers the questions of your heart and channels a healing mantra or sacred song of inspiration. Be immersed in sacred sound with Julie!

Julie’s unique Soul Path Empowerment Astrology Reading will help you: Discover your Sacred Life Mission. Creative meaningful dialogue with your Soul. Spark your Creative Genius. Engage your Emotional Balance System.

Service Description: Clairvoyant, Clairaudient Psychic & Intuitive Guidance to support your Sacred Path; Reiki Master & Sound Healing Techniques

Education & Experience:
B.S. Education, Indiana University
Certified Realm Reader, by Doreen Virtue,
Ph.D.Horary & Spiritual Astrologer, 20 years of practice Psychic Medium & Spiritual Intuitive Reiki Master & Sacred Sound HealerWriter, Teacher, Lecturer

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Paul Crouse - $3.00


Paul is an American spiritual teacher, guide, healer and mentor based in Kyoto, Japan. With his natural gifts of insight and healing, he helps people clearly see their situation, let go of what’s holding them back and shine in the way they were meant to.
He helps people overcome darkness and difficult times, acknowledge and understand their gifts, remember who they are, and have more confidence in life. With a quarter century of sobriety, Paul is understands confronting one’s demons and becoming stronger in the process.

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Service Description: Spiritual Guidance, Healing and Mentoring

Education & Experience:
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Ten years consulting individual clients
20 years living and working in Japan

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Ortrun Franklin - $2.99


Ortrun is an intuitive spiritual life coach assisting individuals in finding clarity and balance in their life. She counsels people around the world helping them recognize the power that dwells within them. Her modalities consist of personal counseling, healing, chakra clearing/ balancing and intuitive divination readings. She has lectured and presents workshops on various spiritual topics throughout the US and Canada but the one closest to her heart is meditation.

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Service Description: Spiritual coaching, healing, chakra blockage clearing/balancing, intuitive divination reading.
Education and Experience:
Grand Rapids Community College
Coptic Minister (embracing universal consciousness) since 1979
40+ year’s meditation practitioner/teacher/recording artist

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Carl Franklin - $2.99


Carl is an intuitive wise counselor and skilled teacher. With forty plus years of experience, he has great ability assisting people solve problems and find their purpose in life. By tuning into the spirit realm, he receives guidance from the highest source which allows him to access the client’s akashic record. The end result being that the person more smoothly overcomes their challenges and attains their goals.

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Service Description: spirit clearing and placement, life script reading, connecting with your soul and spirit family, spiritual and personal counseling, clearing blockages and overcoming challenges, assisting deceased loved ones, finding one’s live purpose
Education and Experience
Eastern Michigan University, BS; Ypsilanti, MI
Lutheran School of Theology, MS; Gettysburg, PA
Western University, MS in Psychology/Counseling
Coptic Minister since 1978
40 + years experience –Ascension Process, spiritual counseling, lecturer and workshop leader

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Tracey Sivek - $2.00


Tracey has worked with many people from across the country to find peace, harmony and balance.  She uses her abilities as an Intuitive Channel to connect to your Higher Self to better assist you with questions or difficulties that you are experiencing on your path. Tracey also has the ability to connect with those who have crossed over. 

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Many people have healed and found peace in being able to connect to their loved ones on the other side. 

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Connie Vawter

Connie Vawter - $2.00


Connie is a Clairvoyant psychic medium and Reiki Master. She leads meditation classes and lectured on spiritual growth with “I AM” presence. Connie also uses Music therapy with her clients.

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Service Description: Spiritual Mentoring and Guidance

Education & Experience:
Davenport University
Villanova School of Business
Certificate of Achievement in Church Management
Business Manager – 16 years
Corporate Manufacturing CEO – 4 years
Business Consulate – 4 years
Tax Preparation – 4 years
Catholic Church Business Manager/Accountant – 10 years

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Anthony (Tony) Cherette

Anthony "Tony" Cherette - $3.99


What does Anthony do as a Medium? How does this all work?

That’s pretty simple. We start by

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discussing the questions you have and go in search of answers. Where do we search? We look to guides, ancestors, the Deity or Deities you work with or love, as well as any friends or loved ones who have traveled on to the Spirit world.
Guides come in many forms. Let’s start the adventure. Being a Medium sounds mysterious to some. Having had multiple readings, myself by Mediums, I have enormous respect for the process of looking for answers. 25 years and hundreds of client’s later, I continue to be amazed at the great things that a reading can give to the people I work with. Being Clairvoyant and Clairaudient are great things that add to the process. Glad to have them to use in service.

Service Description. Medium, Clairvoyant, Ancestral healing work,

Native American guidance.

Legal Professional for over 25 years.

Extensive study with Mediums

across the United States

Welcome aboard!

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