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Julie Hedges

Julie Hedges

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The Tarot Journey, Vol. 1


The Tarot Journey inspiration began in the autumn of 2013 after attending a shamanic workshop that forever changed Julie Hedges spiritual compass.

Star Nations Radio Network invited Julie to be part of the network and host her own show. In February 2014, The Tarot Journey radio show was born. Julie shares her love of Tarot each month as the host of The Tarot Journey radio show and as a contributing writer to the Star Nations Magazine. Each show and magazine article is a discovery in how the ancient realms of Tarot are alive with meaning in our modern age. Julie explores what the Tarot means personally and to inspire others to connect with its wisdom.

Dedicated to using her voice as an instrument of peace, inspiration, and healing, Julie is grateful to witness how The Tarot Journey continues to unfold now as a compilation of her magazine articles into this valued book, The Tarot Journey, Vol. 1.

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Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.